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BrazilБразилияРио де Жанейро

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Цена за тур: 80 USD
Длительность: 5 часов
Расстояние: 0 Км
Тур от: Patricia Leopoldino (Дата: 21.07.2013)

Описание тура

Approximately 5 hours tour happening every weekend. "Feira dos Paraíba's" a big fair in the north of the city with traditional music, characters and the best of the food, music and handcraft from Northeast of Brazil. Brazil is Known for great food and is a true "foodie" destination! Here are some traditional favorites from the northeast, home to the descendants os African slaves.

The Gastronomic Tour is a chance to try new things for adventurous travelers: don't be afraid to try some traditional dishes!


1. Meeting at your hotel
2. Go with the guide to the fair with a local transport
3. Many stops for taste local foods and drinks at the market
4. Return with the guide to your hotel

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